Sratch Build Staudacher S300

This plane is made by sohail baig.first plan is downloaded from the outerzone and then enlarged.

  1. following are some pics of my staudacher S300.
  2. aligning up the ply wood for fusalague of wing glueing up the jointsin such wieght that wood will not after 2 or 3 attempts of joining the two sids of fusalague,it is joinedafter a long stuggle and ready to glue up for strangerieswing is also fjoined on the lower spare.“now stap ,elevater,rudder,fin were made without any after joining up the strangeries,firewall and mount is joined.and cover with 2mm balsa sheets.perfectly setuped with wing setting up the wings .now wing is joined up with leading and trailing edge with plane is complete and covered with orangw covering,landing gear were made in home as well as tale engine is inserted of fox 40 and canopy is made with plastiscc bottle.and ready for maidan test flight´┐╝
  3. The maidan test flight is made successfully.vedio will be shered soon. There is two things that are modified ,first is the canopy which is removeble but we made a fixed canopy and second is two piece wing but we made a one piece fixed wing.later the engine is replaced by gp is completed about 5 or 6 weeks ago.such a good aerobetic and sports modle.
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