Scratch Built – Flash RS Pattern Model Aircraft by Salman Nazir

Here is a new Scratch Built project  – Flash RS Pattern Model Aircraft by Salman Nazir

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  1. Flash is an excellent design in F3A category.

    BTW Salman is an excellent scratch builder. Any one interested in scratch built design (or build from a kit) may please contact Salman at: …0323 5353404….

    1. Interestingly in 1991 I bought Flash 40 kit from a shop in Akihabara, Tokyo. Also built by Salman Nazir, I installed an OS 40 engine and flew it for 10 years in Islamabad..

  2. There was a time before I got my loaded dice that Flash RS used to be on my mind almost all the time 🙂

    Nice build! In the corner of one picture I see a newly made Panic. I’m interested in that 🙂

    1. Bari
      The plane in the background is PANIC, recently built by Salman. If you really want to buy it you’ll have to talk to Salman yourself, may be go to his house, make a generous offer. May be, then Salman changes his mind.
      My Panic is ready., with a MVVS 77 installed it flies beautifully.

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