Scratch Building a 96 inches Super Lazy Ace Model Aircraft by Capt. Sohrab Khan

Capt. Sohrab Khan a well known Aeromodellor is scratch building a 96 inches Super Lazy Ace Model Aircraft.

Following are the details in his own words:

This is Super Lazy Ace 96 inches Wingspan, Model built from Outerzone free plans.

I have built this Model with my drive’s help totally from locally purchased materials from Board Bazar Peshawar, except for the Engine and R/C Equipment and wheels which are from the Hobby Shop. Complete painted airframe ei. Local covering and paint cost is under Rs.10000/-

Engine is DLE 55cc Gasser.

Now working on Home made wheels coming up very satisfactorily, but need more meterial, waiting for the shops open.

Nothing from the Hobby Shop No balsa. Just used Treated Sumbal 3mm and 5mm.

Wings came out pretty heavy, building them again from the same materials, modified, Now coming out at half the weight , almost complete.

More details will be updated soon….

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