Resuming Model Aircraft Flying – Come to Field, FLY Solo and Go Back

BMFA has issued an update for Return to Skies for Aeromodellors. Due to Covid-19, Aeromodelling across the globe was disturbed and flying at Aeromodelling Clubs and Fields was halted. BMFA and AMA both had issued alerts along with other clubs and bodies around the world. In Pakistan also Aeromodelling has been effected by the Covid-19. Flying is Now BMFA has issued an update in which some relaxation is given to aeromodellors. They can come to the field, fly solo and then go back to home. BMFA’s following sentence covers it all


As Pakistan has no such body to decide about Aeromodelling affairs it seems to be just the decision of aeromodellors individually or the club management. Pakistan has only three Aeromodelling Clubs i.e in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Rest of the country does not have any proper flying fields or managed clubs. Aeromodellors all over the country have their own personal arrangements suitable to them. Aeromodellors in Pakistan can also get guidance from BMFA initiatives in restoring RC Flying Activities.

Following are the main recommendations:

  1. Reach the Flying site individually at a time slot not occupied by others
  2. Maintain a safe distance during preparations and flying from any other people on the field.
  3. After flying packup and just leave the field as early as possible to allow others to use a vacant time slot.
  4. Be patient and show respect to others.
  5. Together safe measures can help Aeromodelling to be back in skies.

Following are the detailed recommendations as given by BMFA to its members:

  • Social distancing in accordance with government guidelines ensuring the minimum 2 metre (and preferably greater) separation from other people (unless from the same household) is always maintained (including in the carpark, pits & pilot box).  Clubs need to consider measures to ensure compliance with this requirement, which in some instances is likely to require limitations on the number of members on site at any one time.
  • Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves to be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and immediately after opening/unlocking and closing/locking access gates and padlocks
  • Latex/Nitrile/Vinyl gloves to be worn or hand sanitiser used immediately before and immediately after using any club site maintenance equipment.
  • No sharing of model flying equipment and aircraft (apart from by those sharing a household).
  • Unless both instructor and pupil share the same household, if an individual has not yet reached a “safe solo” competence and still requires supervision, a buddy system must be employed, preferably wireless and with the instructor and student using their own equipment.  If a wired system is used it must allow the instructor to maintain a minimum 2m separation from the student and appropriate sanitation measures should be taken when handling the buddy lead.
  • Clubhouses and any shared facilities (e.g. toilets) to remain closed.
  • Hand sanitiser should be considered an essential item in every model aircraft flyer’s flight box.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms, must not fly and should stay at home to maintain social isolation in accordance with government advice. “

Source and Courtesy of BMFA from following URLs:

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