Motor Glider & Chuck Glider Competition in Islamabad Pakistan on 27 November 2021

This competition is arranged by Model Aircraft News and RC Gypsies. Aeromodelling Enthusiasts from various walks of life will participate in Motor Glider and Chuck Glider categories.

Registration for even is open. Following is the link :

Following are the rules of the event but can be updated according to level of participation:
Motor Glider Duration Event
The contestant will launch the glider and shut the motor when the judge shouts ‘cut’. The motor will not be available for the rest of the flight. The contestant will attempt to keep the glider airborne as long as possible and then attempt to land in the landing circle. Timing will stop when the glider has landed in the circle. If the glider lands outside the circle then the contestant will retrieve the glider and place it in the circle. The time for retrieval of the glider will be deducted from the flight time
Chuck Glider Event
Any size free flight unpowered glider to be hand launched. Longest flight duration wins.
Number of rounds to be determined by number of contestants

For more information plz contact:
Mr. Usman Ahmed
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