Model Aircraft Workshop of Capt. Sohrab Khan

Look at the magnificent Model Aircraft Workshop of Capt. Sohrab Khan. It looks like a factory of Model Aircraft. Share your views about this workshop….

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  1. Sohrab’s Model Workshop in Peshawar

    I have been to this place.
    Here is a modeller’s workshop complete in all aspects. New models, vintage models, civil models, military models, most RC, some scale, all in one place. Most are on walls and on tables. When want of space they are hung from the ceiling, even more, some are seen fixed on the ceiling itself.
    All workshop items required for the construction/repairs of aeromodels are there, name anything, grinders, saws, Dremel scroll saw, drilling machines, vertical drillers, lathe, you name it and they are there. I even saw Argon welding machine.
    I noted though, these gadgets are under utilised. Some are used just once in may be ten years.

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