Model Aeronautical Society of Karachi (MASK)

Located at Korangi Creek, Karachi. Established as an aeromodelling club in 1980. Member of APAMUA, the regular member of FAI.

Location Map:

Model Aeronautical Society of Karachi (M.A.S.K.) is located in the Korangi, Karachi. It is the only Aeromodelling club in Pakistan affiliated with the All Pakistan Aeromodelling and Ultra Light Association. Club has a purpose built club house with adequate flying area for aircraft, Helis, Jets and also for RC offroad Cars/Buggies.

There are separate hangars for Helis and Jets. MASK Club House has a seating area with three open sides for a complete view of the field. Every Sunday Brunch is served at 11:30 in the Dining Hall which can serve up to 100 people. The field has its own power generation, water tanks and has 24 hour armed guards. MASK car stickers are mandatory for entry into the field.

Club has bird cages on field with seating also under trees so the soothing sound of birds is a delight.
Also to mention the only RC club in Pakistan that has a provision , self made pond, for RC boats, the pond also serves to breed fish for occasional BBQs at the flying field.
The club supports an entire family of workers who look after the maintenance and storing the airplanes at the end of a flying day
Vegetables/ fruits are grown on the flying field, special arrangement are made to provide fresh water with pumps, and in season make bags of vegetables for the flyers to take home.

Feel of the MASK Field:

Video and Image Courtesy: Capt Muhammad Isa (Gen Secretary MASK) with all due respect and credits.



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