Luftwaffe Mistel Project by Kamal Parvez Butt

Kamal Parvez Butt a renowned Aeromodellor known for highly detailed and precise scale model aircraft building skills, has come up with a Luftwaffe Mistel Project by building and combining following:

36” wing span Luftwaffe FW 190

DFS 230 Luftwaffe assault glider

Following is the build story in his own words:

I’m pretty bad at soldering so to make the Fw 190 mount on top of the glider, I made a jig and pinned all the wires

Turned out ok

No need to make bracing wires to prevent fore and aft movement

With the Fw 190 on top there should be plenty of prop clearance

Attachment points are already built into the glider and the Fw 190

I’m thinking the high thrust line will have the opposite effect. It will push the nose down under power

So maybe start off with a couple of degrees higher than the gliders wing incidence

In a biplane the wings are more often staggered than not. Not vertically centered, but there aren’t any pitching moments by manipulation of incidences

Also my Fw wing is tiny compared to the gliders wing.

Don’t really know will have to try it out

I’ll start off with zero zero relative to each other then, and see what happens

That’s why I think the pitching issue will be because of high thrust line causing downwards pitching

Managed to mount the Fw on the glider. But not entirely happy with the result. There’s too much play so the entire set up is not rigid enough.

Looks cool though

Need to re think

The wood plank under the tail is just a loose plank. Haven’t made the tail bracket yet

Already have crosswires

Probably need 2 more bracing points on the Fw and the glider.

I think I’ve managed to solve the problem of the Fw flexing on the mounts

I made a new mount from ply. It is fixed to the Fw through the wing mount bolt.

Was able to fix a ply plate to the top fuselage from the wing root holes to secure the base plate screws

With a 3 point attachment the contraption is quite rigid

I’ll take inexpensive over looks, especially since it’s already made. Don’t want to reinvent something that’s already made. The ply is laminated on the inside with one ounce fiberglass cloth. So it’s pretty rigid

Fw 190 secured on new 3 point mounts. Front wire mounts in landing gear blocks and new rear ply/ glass mount.

Wing incidence check

Top wing a tad over 3

Bottom wing at 3

So both wings are parallel

Just need to install radio and motor

But will it fly??

I’m calling the build of the ‘Mistel’ project complete. It’s a bit tail heavy so will need to add some nose weight.

There is only one control system. Elevator is on both.

Flaps/Spoilers on Fw

Ailerons and rudder on glider

Battery is in the nose of the glider

Probably won’t even need flaps and spoilers

Can always convert them to ailerons if they prove unnecessary

You can read about the Glider and FW190 Posts at following links:

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  1. Beautiful build Kamal.
    The only plane on plane I’ve seen is NASA’s space shuttle carried by a Boeing 747..
    Can’t wait to see this monster actually fly.

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