Learn Aeromodelling or Model Aircraft Flying by using RC Simulators

RC Simulators are available in the global markets for quite a long time now but still some people do not use them. We will learn in this article what are benefits of using RC Simulators for people who are already experienced flyers or planning to start Aeromodelling or Model Aircraft Flying.

Technology advancements have allowed RC Simulators to simulate the Aeromodelling or Model Aircraft Flying Field very close to real views. You can use a Large Screen Laptop, a large screen LCD/LED or a Multimedia Projector to get a large view of the simulated RC Flying Field. So in your Room you can have a wall with view of the RC Flying Field and you can Fly all the available Models in the RC Simulator as many times as you want without any tension of crash or damage. You can always set the selected Model Aircraft to fly it at default settings or your own set parameters.

Aeromodelling or Model Aircraft Flying is a good platform for STEM Education covering all the aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics to make an Model Aircraft to Fly. So students of STEM Education can build their STEM Projects related on Aeromodelling or Model Aircraft and simulate their behavior in a RC Simulator or simply learn to fly a similar model.

Investing some amount on a good RC Simulator gives following potential benefits to its users:

  1. You can Fly as many Model Aircraft available in the RC Simulator including RC Planes, RC Helicopters and RC Quad-copters or other RC Multi-rotors.
  2. You can Crash and Damage the Model Aircraft and still able to reset it and Fly immediately.
  3. You can set the wind and weather conditions from No Wind to Strong Wind with Gusts and experience the effect on your selected Model Aircraft
  4. You can Set Training Mode from basic Landing Training to the advanced 3D Flying techniques.
  5. You can Fly for as much time or hours you want to, and train yourself in Take Off, Landing and different maneuvers during the flight.
  6. You can practice for the competition flying and polish your skills and ultimately perform better when flying on the Flying Field using Real Model Aircraft.

These benefits are equally available to the experienced Aeromodellors or Model Aircraft Flyers and the new comers in the hobby.

To get started with the RC Simulator you need to buy a Simulator Software and its USB Dongle which you can connect to your already owned Radio Transmitter e.g Futaba, JR, Spectrum or any other Radio having port to connect a Simulator Dongle. The Simulator Dongle is connected on USB Port of your Computer or Laptop and after installation of the software you are able to Fly immediately after some basic settings.

Alternatively you can buy a Complete RC Simulator Radio equipment which has the USB Dongle built inside it and you just need to connect it directly to your computer or laptop. Some of the popular RC Simulator Software are Phoenix RC, Real Flight RC and Reflex XTR RC. Following URL on Ali Express contains a lot of variety of RC Simulator Options.


Just note that Mode 1 has throtle on left stick and Mode 2 has throthle on right stick. But still it can be converted from one to other type by opening some screws and adjusting the springs and holds for sticks.

Thanks for reading this article and if you have any questions or want to share your experience on RC Simulators you can simply comment below after signup. Keep visiting for more news and updates.

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