Hand Launched Chuck Glider Competition held in Islamabad

Model Aircraft News and RC Gypsies arranged a wonderful Hand Launched Chuck Glider Competition in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The event was attended by children, youngsters and senior Aeromodellors from various walks of life. The event was a great fun moment for participants as they were able to enjoy a outdoor activity after a long time. SOPs of Covid 19 were followed and social distancing and wearing masks were mandatory.

Youngsters and children were able to learn techniques from senior aeromodellors about the launch of chuck gliders.  Competition consisted of 5 rounds. Winners were awarded prizes of DPR Models Chuck Gliders sponsored by Mr. Adeem whereas all participants were given participation certificates. Following are the pictures of this event.

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  1. Of course I know Mehelli very well. He is the one who gave me my first RC lesson way back in the early 80s. . The plane was Sterling’s ‘Fledgeling’ and the venue was 14 mile spot on the Super Highway going towards Hyderabad.
    Then after MASK was launched we had pleasant relationships, Habib sahib, Shahpur, Isa, Raja Sabri, Roy Patel, Kamal Butt included.

  2. I am delighted to see usmans efforts at isb club to engage the youngsters on basic chuck gliders etc. When i joined in on gliders in 1980-81, was lucky to have teachers like mehli, habib roy shahpur and not to forget raja who ( tried) to give us all a tough competition, it was fun and yet learnt a lot, mehli i belive even at 80 i would request you raja and shahpur to visit the club on regular basis and teach the younger lot the chuck gliders/ A2 gliders / control line etc.

  3. So very happy to see aeromodelling so active.
    I do not fly any more, as my eyesight is a bit weak and I am now 80 years old, but indulge in scale models now, having made 152 upto now.
    Jamshed Ishrat knows me very well.
    Good luck guys

    Mehelli Dinshaw

  4. Loved the enthusiasm in the chuck gliders or HLG (Hand Launched Gilders) category.
    I was very much into HLG in Karachi’s MASK competitions and always secured 1st and 2nd prizes.
    Surprised and happy to see in one picture my own HLG being flown, a ‘ZEIWBOX’, a RC Modeler design. I made three, one full size and two ¾ size for my young sons. This ¾ size one has my son’s initials BMD on the left wing.
    MY full size once gave me a 2 minute flight.
    I gave a few HLG’s to Kamal and Capt Isa Khan and its landed up here.

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