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    We want to know that does Ignition Coil on a Petrol Engine Cause the Radio Interference such as Glitch or controls unwanted movements.

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    Syed Salam

    Ignition module on a gas (petrol engine) can cause radio interference so that is why it is always suggested to have the ignition module mounted away from the RC receiver and systems. Ignition module wires come shielded but always a good idea to have to use the shielding layers come with the modules.

    ignition module with shielding


    It is also highly recommended to use a separate battery for ignition and a separate battery for the RC system. This will reduce the interference between the two system.

    There are ignition battery eliminating circuits called “IBEC” which can be used in case using single battery for both ignition and receiver. Which will help eliminate interference, also comes with a kill switch and battery regulator.




    Jamshed Ishrat


    What if we shield (wrap) just the radio receiver using a tin foil.

    Syed Salam

    I have never done something like wrapping any tin foil around a receiver or putting anything extra on the antennas to get rid of any glitches or increase range. If there are glitches or range issues, I will check my radio setup, check antennas or try another receiver. It could be receiver/controller fault if such issues are present.

    If you place your ignition module as suggested in the manual, you should be fine.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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