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    Syed Salam

    Have a DLE55 in a Yak54 which was in storage for over two years. Started and flew last weekend but it would have a very slight hesitation at the low end and during quick transition from low to high. Ran it on a 32:1 synthetic mix from a friend’s gas can while I always used and tuned this for a 40:1 synthetic STIHL HP ultra. It improved after the second flight but the slight hesitation was still there.


    • Try it with my own mix which this was originally tuned for, fly and see?
    • Also try to tune the low end slightly rich?
    • Or is it advisable to rebuild the carburetor with a new rebuilt kit as this was sitting for more than two years? I don’t think the carburetor requires a rebuild as overall the engine performed pretty well the first two flights after a long break.

    Will report back on this next time I fly it with my own fuel mix and if needed will tune the low end slight rich.

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    Hope you have done the flight again. hows weather there as here in Islamabad its quite hot and may be too hot for gassers.

    Syed Salam

    Next flight this coming Saturday Insha’Allah. I have my own fuel mix ready so will fly with that and see if the slight hesitation goes away and if not, I will adjust the low end to fix it.


    I have another plane out of the garage so will fly it.

    I built this Great Planes Escapade MX (DLE35 RA) for my kids and they enjoy flying it.

    Here is the maiden flight of the Escapade, 3 years ago.





    Wish you best of luck. Have a successful flight.

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