Does anyone know why is Balsa getting scarce in this world

Balsa is reportedly getting scarce in the world especially for Aeromodelling. The question has been answered by Kamal Pervez Butt who is an experienced Aeromodellor with expertise in Model Aircraft Building from Balsa Wood.

According to him The wind turbine industry is rapidly increasing. A key component of turbine blades core is balsa. Surge in demand has resulted in shortage of balsa.

Ecuador is the traditional grower of balsa, but now alternative places are harvesting balsa so hopefully it should end as balsa is a fast growing tree.

The problem is that model grade balsa wood quality may suffer as the big bucks will come from wind turbine industry.

Balsa is actually a hard wood. Model grade wood comes by harvesting the tree before it fully matures otherwise it becomes dense and unsuited for Model Aircraft Building.

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