Aeromodelling vs Drones vs UAVs

Aeromodelling is purely a scientific hobby and sports which involves designing, building and flying the Remote Control Airplanes within the visual range of human eye.

Aeromodelling is a fun activity which enables the people of all ages to experience the concept of theory of flight into real action. This hobby is followed mostly by aviation enthusiasts who can be from any field of life. In addition to building model aircraft from scratch, aeromodellors have the option to buy semi or fully built kits from a large number of model aircraft manufacturers around the world.

The remote controlled model aircraft can be of any size but one thing remains common that every model aircraft is flown in a radius of approx 100 to 1500 feet or a height of approx 400 feet. The aircraft is controlled and flown manually by a remote.  This is where the difference comes in with the drones and UAVs. Drones and UAVs have onboard cameras and may have automated flying features. Drones and UAVs may go beyond visual range and have complexities which are not present in Model Aircraft flown for creative purposes in Aeromodelling.

So Aeromodelling is different and will always remain different from Drones and UAVs. Aeromodelling is remote controlled flying for fun and recreational purposes. Moreover its the civil use of concept of flying which fulfil the thirst of aviation enthusiasts in a very economical and attractive way.

Aeromodelling needs special attention of Governments of all countries. Governments need to understand the benefits of this hobby for creativity and education. Rules and geographic zones need to be worked out to promote this wonderful hobby. Aeromodelling is as old as manned aircraft. Countries who have good history of Aeromodelling activities have obtained frontline position in Aviation and Space endeavors.

Aeromodelling is a good platform for STEM education as it covers the various aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

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