Aamer Waheed – Represented Pakistan in Jet World Masters for the first time. The participation was a great success and achievement.

Read below the complete story by Aamir Waheed 

So, the past few months have been an interesting journey to the Jet World Masters 2019, held this time in
Rongcheng, China. It is the premier competition for model Jets at the World level held at a different location each
time and has been around since 1995. It is held biennially so this was the 13th one.

But so far no one from Pakistan had represented. When we found out last year that it was being held in China, we jumped at the opportunity. We received our F-16 C kit from Scale Jets in June this year and everyone said you can’t finish it in time but we were determined to give it a shot. So with my builder, Wasif Jalil, we set about the work to create a scale down version (1:5) of the Solo Turk 91-0011 of the Turkish Air Force . Three months later and with only three trim flights under our belt, we shipped the model to China. By comparison, we learnt later from the Russian team, which has been at the forefront of the competition for the last many years, that they had done 1300 flights between their fliers.

Undeterred, we just wanted to be there and put Pakistan on the Aeromodelling world map. We had some issues, as might havebeen expected on a new model but all in all, it was a great first experience. There were 53 registered competitors in all and 36 in our class for 20kg models. We were up against the best in the world and for first timers, we placed a very respectable 11th place in the static judging of the model. And our best flight scored 9th. We were flying at 11thposition overall for the final round but an engine failure half way through the final flight reduced our chances of placing well and we ended up at 20th overall. Points aside, it was a very rewarding first attempt and this feeling was only reinforced at the prize distribution ceremony, when our name was called as the second best new comers in the competition and I could feel the whole hall cheer for us…. It was very very special indeed…. It is a separate matter that the management later said there was a small error in calculations and the positions shifted but the reaction we had received was worth much more than a certificate.

The contest was brilliantly organized by the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics (CSAA) and the
warmth with which we were welcomed as a new member by the International Jet Model Committee (IJMC) and its
members was beyond our wildest imagination. Already dreaming about the next one to be held in Austria, 2021.

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2 thoughts on “Aamer Waheed – Represented Pakistan in Jet World Masters for the first time”
  1. Two BIG THUMBS UP for Mr. Amir Waheed my all time favorite RC Pilot.
    Seen him many times with his astounding flying skills.
    He’s truly passionate in the world of RC flying.
    Pride for Pakistan.
    All the best!
    Furqan Akram

  2. Sir Aamir Waheed is indeed the best of all in Pakistan, Have witnessed him rumbling the skies in MAAL Club Lahore Several times. I am rookie flyer but Sir Aamir is an Inspiration. Extremely Disciplined and Seasoned Pilot. This time Putting Pakistan on the World’s Jet Flyers Map it a recognition. Thank You Sir.

    We wish you do great in Austria 2021. InshAllah.

    Farhaan Akram Rehmnai.

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